Easy Street Mystery

Monday, February 20, 2012


Thimbles a love hate can't do without them thing. I have many but these two are the go to one's. the yellow one I love because it wont hurt my finger. the metal one is generic from Hancocks or JoAnn's I like the rim hated that it hurt my finger. I had DH take it to the shop and hit it with a heavy hammer making it oval shape. That really helped. The finger in the photo just shows what quilting for too long a time will do to a joint. The box I love we found it at a junk shop someone made it from a drawer. I love how it holds thread I carry it to my easy chair with quilts to sew on bindings. check out Bonnies site to see more thimble stories.

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Dar said...

I have recently bought a thimble like your yellow one and can only use it if I've cut or broken my fingernail on the thimble finger. Thanks for sharing your thimbles.