Easy Street Mystery

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fabric selection #2

Here is updated pictures using hints that were given this am. Thank you everyone who has commented. So far its about even. 08:00

I think the pink just pulled ahead. 11:42 am


Jennifer Helms said...

I like the blue - definite contrast

Nancie R said...

I prefer the pink as it will give a more consistent look to your quilt. Bonnie's constant is a variant of one of her colors (red/pink).

Of course, all the Quiltville mysteries are wonderful, in whatever fabrics you pick.

Sharyn said...

can't help, I don't understand the constants :) She choose red and green in addition to her pink/green/brown + neutrals. Maybe it's just that I think of red and green being christmas themed. We'll know soon, glad to share the journey with you!

Louise said...

I like the blue. I'm using those same colors.

However...I don't know how the blue will look in that position in the actual quilt. I like how it plays with the other colors, though, so I'll take the chance.

I guess I'm saying that the pink is a "safer" choice, being closer to Bonnie's, but the blue would be more adventurous!


Lisa said...

I like the blue too, for the contrast. I don't think you will need to absolutely decide until Bonnie uses this constant. Remember Orange Crush? She did not introduce that color until late in the game. Try a block or two with each and see when we get there! How fun is this?!!

Mama Koch said...

I found a fellow Okie!

I haven't even pulled my fabric for this as I want to wait and play it safe until a few of you all get started!